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The Myth of Death
Nov 12th, 2014 by dharmamind at 4:30 pm

Life comes to an end for all of us, this we all know. Because of this reality it should be seen that it is very important to prepare yourself for that event because expectations of this will have a profound impact on life as you now experience it, and also what follows. We learn through thinking and reinforcing a sense of self to create our experiences as a world of mental dharmas and objects all separate, independent and always changing. This way of seeing things creates the notion that everything is born, lives and dies. We too along with our body are a part of that apparent reality. Yet, there is part of ourselves to be discovered that is not a part of that cycle of birth and death. When we discover that part as being our true reality we discover that the event of death is just a play of the mind and a myth that has possessed us all of our lives. Take refuge there in the silent stillness of who you really are and you will live life without fear.

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